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Business Advisory & Financial Paralegal Services

Your Experienced Authority on Complex Financial Matters

Empowering People & Business 

with Structure, Financial Survival Tools

 & Documents of Law

The best way to build something as valuable and intricate as your life, and your business, 

is with a plan or blue print that comes with an experienced guide. 

The VIP Insider provides exactly that with our trademarked platforms and tool kit.  

Proven tools you still have time to use

 When I was a VP with a National Wall Street Firm, we faced 18% interest rates 

during the Ronald Reagan & Paul Volker years. 

It was then I developed my first "financial tool kit" for my clients . 

The near 0% interest rates of today have created devastatingly different problems.

99% America is kept in the dark about it (for Wall Street's reasons). 

Now again I've found tools you must know how to use for this economy too.   

It will not be pretty if you remain unaware of our economic situation and my tools.

Just in! 

I now have access to another specialty copyright trust - designed to safe guard  your assets 

from forced Medicaid Spend down rules. 

You've worked hard to get your stuff & now you can protect it! 

Click here now

Empowerment Platform  #1 for Estate Owners, Executives 

and Owners of Valuable Possessions 

The Private Client Special Access Platform™

This is a game changer for your family lifestyle! 

Our platform takes you way beyond successful survival 

by including the most powerful legal document ever created, 

the proprietary IRC 643 Spendthrift Trust. 

Our platform guides you step by step, sharing common strategies of the 1%, for the wealthy, 

so you can live more comfortably than you ever thought possible! 

Just this one element of our platform assures your path to preserving your family's possessions 

for generations to come, without typical income tax intrusions,

without estate re-distribution costs, delays, interruptions or disputes.  

It's your personal pathway to enhancing your finances and promoting your thriving lifestyle. 

It's not that new. In its current form it originated in the mid 1950's at Harvard Law. 

You'll get ahead and share socially, gain love, acceptance and increase your status

while protecting and growing your possessions.

If you so choose this "lifestyle in luxury" platform, it can literally facilitate developing a new family culture, 

fitting in the conceptual realm of family office networks.

Your choice of living (accommodations and locations), and methods of travel and transportation can expand as you wish. Those usual after tax expenses become recharacterized into net 

expense accounting, placing most of your lifestyle into a paid for, pre-tax category...  

 and speaking of  taxes (federal income taxes)  - you may chose to defer them indefinitely  

because the trust operates on IRS Rule 643 and is embedded in the trust copyright.  

Capital gain taxes are non-existent as well when accounting for trust corpus transactions.

My team's Enrolled Agents and Attorneys efficiently guide you - each year 

and even file your trust's 1041 tax returns for you. 

The trust also provides "Titanium Vault" protection for your assets in trust: 

*No invasion of trust assets from Financial Predators and Creditors, 

*No IRS Liens and Divorce Settlement Disputes relative to trust assets,

*No Court Turnover Orders of irrevocable trust assets, and much more.

You do not own the assets in trust; You control them. Properly arranged, the simple yet absolute 

separation  of ownership of assets away - from human beings to this specialized irrevocable trust entity,

gives rise to the above statements. 

The key is the trust powers given in writing to the trustee(s), and the trustee(s) relationship with a grantor.   

This is the pinnacle of financial privacy too. The Ultimate platform to legally embrace protection for your possessions while providing immense income tax, capital gain tax and estate tax benefits. 

You can continue to guard and manage what you may now already own, and then build on that as a trustee manager and protector and develop/promote an impressive family culture all at the same time.

Empowerment Platform  #2 for Business Owners

The Special Purpose Fund Platform™

How to build a $100,000,000 + business. 

Move your company up the next step to Explosive Growth.  

J. Paul Getty did it, Andrew William Mellon did it, and John D. Rockefeller did it like this too, in the oil business. In fact he coined the phrase "Own nothing, but control everything” which is the principle constructive element of the proprietary IRC 643 Spendthrift Trust plank on your platform.

Enjoy all of the game changer benefits of Platform ™ #1 plus...

*It can double profits without increasing sales and more

*It seals in sound management practice

*It saves 92% on life & crital care insurance 

*It provides Titanium Vault asset protection

*It promotes retirement and exit planning 

*It provides seamless family business leadership transitions

*It provides measurable tax free income for retirement 

*It provides measurable tax free income for any use

*It omits Capital Gains accounting therefore no CG tax

*It saves at least 90% on federal taxes and much more

Business owners actually look forward to next year's tax season!

My team of Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and I are here 

because we see things differently...

We exist because your regular "business advice & affairs tipsters" should not be misguiding you. 

By the very nature of how they are commonly taught  to guide you, they are ripping you off.

They don't mean to but they are missing information you really need to know.

 No worries! We have that information and want you to have it too!

Did you ever hear of the power of trust law to operate your business or family affairs, from any of them?

Or more likely... did you just hear business advice from them 

saying to run your business as an LLC or S-Corp?

Or, [I've heard this]: "hey, about keeping your assets safe and ah, about your asset protection plan - 

don't forget to "up" your insurance".

Thanks for visiting my site. Please check back frequently. 

I know you will want to because 99% of my visitors have never heard of the elements (planks) on my platform. 

I appreciate your interest in my ever changing & awesome content.

Great foundations in law can create great culture and culture trumps strategy every time.

Ultra successful business owners value employees well beyond "employment". When valued personally, employees become advocates of, by and for the company. The best branded companies develop their own "culture" and culture plus strategy in business is an awesome combination.  

Just think how much more culture you could promote by keeping 50% more money "in house"

 by integrating your business affairs with IRC 643?

Why listen to me? Click through the link above to our YouTube Channel. 

Then click the "about" button at top of this page and see if my experience, paid forward, may help you.

Don't let your 2020 tax filing season look like a re-run movie, with stale popcorn!

You can have the discretion  to make - or not to make - income tax payments.

Our Enrolled Agents and CPA's will help you decide that, PLUS we'll shield your assets 

from creditors, predators, IRS Liens and other encroachments, 


Here's the scoop. 

We have access to this Proprietary Spendthrift Trust, with copyright protection.

There an estimated 31,000 similar trusts in use as of 2019. 

It's a Specialty Spendthrift Trust with 6 specific elements.

It operates on IRC 643 written specifically for these types of 

Family and Business Trusts. 

The secret sauce is in how it's put together. Hence the copyright.

Best of all, It's easy to integrate a trust into your family plans 

using our step by step, Trademarked Platform.

Ask me how right now! 

Shoot me a question about this or 

any other Estate Conservation matter while you're thinking about it. Also ask for a personal invitation to a "Private Access Society" where members gain access to valuable Insider Information 

for which The VIP Insider was organized to share.

Just click here: [email protected] 

We're your guide to protecting your possessions - and deferring your taxes - FOR LIFE

I invite other financial and legal professionals to connect with me. 

I am authorized to introduce qualified professional practices to my distributor. 

You will attract and keep accredited investor type clients for life (as we do).

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